Inspirational People, Unbelievable Events, Divinely Orchestrated

By Jason Sykora

The following story is inspired by real people and real events. There are times in a Christians life where God will divinely orchestrate events to work things together for the good of those who are called according to his purpose. This is their story.

There were no chocolates on this Valentine’s Day of 2001, and thirteen-year-old Alyssa found herself in an unfamiliar place. She walked into a glassed-in area where people participated in prayer and worship. As Alyssa continued to walk past the congregation, she went to a spiral staircase that led up to an apartment. Once she reached the top of the stairs, she noticed a giant cross in the middle of the room. The Kitchen was on the left, and the main bedroom was on the right. As Alyssa turned to look through the windows to see the street, she suddenly woke up and realized she was dreaming. Today was the day when her family was going to board a plane headed toward Berlin, Germany.

A year prior, Alyssa’s dad left with a team of missionaries to scope out an area to plant a church, and now the time had arrived, Alyssa’s family began boarding the plane. Anxiety and fear gripped them, but they were excited to see what God had in store for them. While waiting for the plane to take off, Alyssa noticed that her dad had pulled out his Bible. She saw his anxiety and fear turn to praise as he read his daily devotions. God confirmed and reminded him of His great power and love and why they were headed to Germany.

Once they arrived, they were not planning on coming back. They sold everything and intended to live as full-time missionaries. However, God had other plans. The family arrived without financial support and had to make a living as tent makers. Luckily Alyssa’s dad was able to secure a job at a medical facility, or so he thought. Alyssa watched as her dad came home and told his wife that there were legal issues with the implementation of the job and that the job was canceled. Within moments, her mom and dad got on their knees to pray, and God answered them. Alyssa’s dad received a letter that even though they did not have a job, the organization that sent them would sponsor them so they could apply for a visa.

The challenge now was to find an apartment for a family of five. Apartments were smaller because they did not make apartments to house a family of that size, so finding a place was difficult. Alyssa’s family came to a community center that housed an apartment. Alyssa got goosebumps when her family first saw the site; the apartment was identical to Alyssa’s dreams before she left for Berlin. Her parents told the relocation person they didn’t need to look anymore because this was the place. However, the church is particular about who gets the apartment, and they became 1 of eight families trying to secure the living quarters. Once again, Alyssa’s parents got on their knees and prayed to God that they would receive the apartment. Realizing that God had given Alyssa the dream as confirmation that the apartment was theirs, they still prayed and asked God to provide.  

A week later, the couple received confirmation that they got the apartment above the church. Alyssa’s family now had a place to live, secure visas, and were now on to finding a job to support them while the church plant began. Having no income except for his 401K, Alyssa’s dad met a guy to teach English. He worked as much as possible to support his family while the church was being planted.  

Time after time, Alyssa would see her parents on their knees, praying that God would sustain them through this process. Alyssa witnessed her parents become godly witnesses to those around them as they relied on God. Even the pastor of the church that was below their apartment questioned if their faith was genuine, and it was. The church plant became established and was up and running. Then it was time to head home.

As Alyssa’s family began to board the plane to return home, Alyssa’s parents were thankful for the sovereignty of God. They had released everything and completely surrendered to him. God had divinely orchestrated the events to receive credit for the work, and Alyssa’s parents praised him for all he did.

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