A Mountain Top View of God

How do you view God?

Do you view God as approachable or unapproachable?

In today’s study from Hebrews 12, we come to a text that contains two different mountaintop views of God. As we unpack Hebrews 12:18-29, we will see these two different mountaintop views of God.

Which mountaintop view of God do you have?

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Renewed Vitality by doing Revival like things.

Don’t we all need to have renewed vitality? We all desire to improve our
eating and physical habits. Maybe it is to have a renewed lifestyle that
includes a healthy lifestyle, more energy, more endurance, and the feeling of
being a better you.

But before quitting bad habits and changing your lifestyle for renewed
vitality, you must become aware of your health problems and behaviors. This
applies not just to your physical well-being but even to your spiritual

In the next section of Hebrews 12: 12-17, we will learn that the company we
keep are those who will revive us.   


As the righteous live by faith

As the righteous live by faith, life happens. As we will learn on today’s podcast from Hebrews 11, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob experienced the ups and downs we all experience. They experienced tests, relationship struggles, success, and the agony of defeat. Yet through it all, they endured. They focused on God and his promised Son until they received the promise. Listen to learn from the experiences of these individuals who lived by faith.       

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Ministry Moment: A Holy Examination

Jesus Christ is a great physician.  He not only has the power to heal physically but can heal you spiritually. In this Ministry Moment, Pastor Jason describes how the Holy Spirit uses different examination tools that spoke to him. When the Holy Spirit speaks, He uses examination methods that enable God to point out anything that offends him so that we can course correct.  

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An urgent call to reach out and hold on, together!

Sometimes we feel like we are hanging off the side of the cliff, ready to fall. What do we reach out to? Is it the mountain, a person, or Jesus Christ himself? When you are falling it can take a community to help lift you to safety. Listen to find out what reaching out and holding on, together is all about.

An urgent call to reach out and to hold on—part 1.

Have you ever been on the other end of an urgent phone call? An urgent call comes through, and it’s a life-or-death situation. How do you respond? In today’s study, we will look at one of David’s Psalms, when David made an urgent request to God and held onto his faithfulness during difficult times. What we can learn from David’s experience will give us encouragement when we suffer and why it is important to reach out to hold onto God. 

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